No students injured in small home ec fire at Warsaw Community High School

A Warsaw Community High School teacher suffered a minor injury during a contained fire incident on Thursday.

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory Chief Mike Wilson says it was a pan fire in the home economics room shortly after 2:15 p.m.

A fire extinguisher was used to put it out. Wilson says no working fire was present when the Fire Territory and Lutheran EMS arrived on the scene.

Very minimal damage was done to the flooring of a small area of the room.

The teacher involved had a slight burn and was treated at the scene. They were not transported to the hospital.

Chief Wilson says students were safe the whole time. There were no reported injuries to students.

“Warsaw Community School staff, administration, and teachers did an excellent job at maintaining peace and calm during this event,” he says.

Fire alarms did not activate due to a lack of smoke in the area, but fire officials checked to ensure they were working as a precaution.

Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory assisted with the removal of any remaining smoke and powder from the extinguisher that was the result of the incident.

By the time school was released the Fire Territory was able to leave the scene.

“This was a good example of community services– Warsaw PD, Lutheran EMS, and Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory– working in conjunction with the Warsaw Community Schools staff in handling an emergency,” Chief Mike Wilson notes.