Norfolk Southern Railroad project running ahead of schedule

Norfolk Southern’s expansive rail replacement project is apparently running ahead of schedule.

Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer updated the city council on the matter and did so with a bit of caution over the optimistic news.

The railroad work entails replacing all of the rail from Claypool to Milford Junction along the north-south path.

So far, crews have been laying down the new rail along the existing tracks.

Officials had expected the second phase, installation of new track, would begin in early July.

Thallemer said he was told that the project is about two weeks ahead of schedule, meaning phase two could begin in late June.

“Right now — right now, they’re two weeks ahead,” Thallemer said.

He said they’ll keep the public updated as the project progresses.

Installation of the rail is expected to be a slower process and will involve a series of machines and upward of 50 workers.

The city of Warsaw is working on developing a detour onto Market Street while the Center Street crossing is closed.

New rail has been placed as far north as Milford. A spokesperson for the town said they were unsure if new rail had reached Milford Junction, just north of the town.