Whitko updating social media to reflect new Whitko Jr/Sr High School

(photo supplied / Whitko)

Whitko staff is working to update the school website, social media, and more to reflect the new Whitko Jr/Sr High School.

Over the coming weeks they’ll also be updating the messaging system to make sure students and parents receive notifications based on the elementary school they attend.

Whitko Marketing and Communications Coordinator Nate Haywood says all changes are being made to accommodate the new Jr/Sr High School as well as the incoming sixth grade students to the elementary schools this coming fall.

“This transition should flow smoothly as the outgoing 5th grade class will become the 6th grade class, which means they will remain with their current elementary school,” he explains.

Haywood says they’re in the process of merging the Whitko Middle School and Whitko High School Facebook pages and creating a space on the school website that brings them together.

“When we announced the new website last summer, it felt very seamless,” he says. “My goal is for this to feel very similar, and part of that is by helping everyone know the changes are coming.”

The Whitko Jr/Sr High School will begin it’s first year at the old High School location in the fall of 2018 at the same time that Pierceton Elementary School and South Whitley Elementary will welcome their first 6th grade student classes.