Notre Dame’s Rev. John Jenkins seeks an end to “one and done” basketball players

(Photo supplied/University of Notre Dame)

The Reverend John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, has commented about a College Basketball commission report regarding its student athletes.

Jenkins is a member of the independent Commission on College Basketball, and on Wednesday released a statement, saying “with its recommendations today, the commission seeks to sound the death knell of the educational sham that is ‘one and done,’ restore integrity to the game and otherwise remind us that a college’s first obligation to its athletes is a good education.”

The panel report calls on the NCAA to ban cheats, end the environment of one-and-done, outsource enforcement, and certify agents.

“One-and-done” players are recruited out of high school, play for their college or university for one season, and then leave for the riches and glamour of the NBA.

The commission was formed after recent investigations into NCAA Basketball by the FBI.