Parkview Health Creates Infection Prevention Fellowship

FORT WAYNE – Parkview Health is launching a fellowship for infection prevention, a career field for individuals who study and assist in reducing the transmission of infectious diseases.

Two Masters of Public Health (MPH) students from area colleges or universities will be selected for the two-year fellowship, which was developed to equip students for careers as infection preventionists, according to a news release from Parkview Health.

“The pandemic highlighted the importance of infection preventionists, and it increased the demand for these professionals,” said Scott Stienecker, MD, medical director for infection prevention, Parkview Health. “We want to give students the skills necessary for a successful career in infection prevention, complementing their degree program with the clinical and technical experience needed in today’s workforce. The goal is to increase the pipeline of candidates for our field, which is more important than ever before.”

Parkview’s fellowship was specifically designed to help students qualify for Certification in Infection Control (CIC), a credential required by most healthcare employers. The CIC is often a barrier for MPH students because professional experience is a qualification to sit for the exam.

To help MPH students qualify and prepare for the CIC, Parkview’s program will provide them with hands-on experience and training while they complete their degree. Additionally, students will receive training in hospital-based electronic medical records tools, including predictive analytics models for infectious diseases.

Parkview will select applicants currently applying to a fall semester MPH program at area universities. MPH students should contact their school for more information.