Plea Accepted, Probation Given for Resisting Law Enforcement

A Mentone man’s plea agreement was accepted this morning on a charge of resisting law enforcemcent.
Scott R. Blevins, 37, of 513 N. Morgan St., Mentone, was sentenced to two and a half years probation for a charge of resisting law enforcement resulting from an Aug. 21 incident.  Kosciusko County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Katy Hampton noted that Blevins did not have a significant criminal history, but that he created a difficult situation with the police. 
Blevins’ attorney, Jay Rigdon of Rockhill Pinnick LLP, said he believes that Blevins “learned some things” and although moving on with his life has been difficult, “he is trying.”
Mentone police officers responded to Blevins’ residence on Aug. 21 after he was reported for battering his 15-year-old daughter. He resisted arrest, and an officer sustained a sprain and bruise to his right thumb while trying to detain Blevins, police say.
Rigdon said Blevins needs to have structure and guidance with his decision making.
Superior Court Judge David Cates agreed with Rigdon.
“I don’t think you’re setting a good example for a child,” Cates said. “I do agree guidance is appropriate.”
Blevins said his children are in foster care and he is receving therapy from the Bowen Center.
Judge Cates accepted the plea agreement and sentenced Blevins to two and a half years probation. Blevins must continue with therapy at the Bowen Center and pay restitution of $333.44. 
“If you comply with the rules of probation, you’re not going to serve any more time,” Cates said.

(Story By The Times Union)