Warsaw Chemical Fire Ruled Accidental By State Fire Marshal

An investigation by local and state fire investigators into the Feb. 6 fire at Warsaw Chemical has been completed, according to a press release from Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer.
Inspectors have determined that the fire, which originated in the center of the structure, was accidental.
The fire occurred at the company's facility at 290 Argonne Road, Warsaw. Due to concerns regarding the inhalation of chemicals found in the plant, six waste water personnel and three firefighters were transported to the hospital for treatment, the release states. They were released from medical care the day of the fire.
The fire report indicates the fire suppression system in the building may not have fully deployed.
The Indiana Department of Homeland Security performed air monitoring during the incident to protect neighboring residents from potentially hazardous fumes. Based on readings, the area was determined safe by mid-afternoon, allowing the evacuation order to be lifted, the release states.
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Grace College Center for Lakes & Streams were present during response activities to monitor conditions within Winona Lake during the fire suppression activities. Aeration was used to introduce oxygen into the water and help protect aquatic life. There has been no indication that fish quantity or quality was impacted by the incident, nor do officials anticipate that the summer swimming season will be impacted, the mayor’s press release states.
For more information about safely eating fish caught in Hoosier waterways, visit the Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory at https://secure.in.gov/isdh/23650.htm
Environmental cleanup at the site included the removal of solid waste and the disposal of liquid waste.
The Grace College Center for Lakes & Streams will continue to monitor the impact on Winona Lake. 
Agencies responding to the Feb. 6 incident included the Warsaw Fire Department, City of Warsaw Waste Water Department, City of Warsaw Stormwater Utility, Winona Lake Fire Department, Kosciusko County Emergency Management, Indiana State Police, Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration, DNR, IDEM, IDHS and several police and fire departments from the surrounding areas. 
To obtain a copy of the fire report, email pio@dhs.in.gov

(Story By The Times Union)