Police Impersonator Reported In Warsaw

Police are seeking information on a person impersonating a police officer in Warsaw.

On Friday, the Warsaw Police Department took a report of a victim’s account of police impersonation that occurred in the late evening hours of Nov. 2, according to a news release provided by the WPD Friday. A woman said she was stopped at approximately 11:30 p.m. Nov. 2 in the eastbound lanes of U.S. 30 near Springhill Road by a black Toyota SUV that had a single blue rotating light on top of the roof.

A man identified as a tall white male with a muscular build with blue eyes came up to the woman’s window and ordered her to get out. When the woman questioned what she did wrong, the male subject, wearing a black polo shirt, black ball cap and black face mask told her she was under arrest and she needed to get out and go back to his vehicle. The woman saw what she described as a duty belt being worn by the man and he had a handgun in a holster on his right side. The man put his hand on top of the holstered weapon, attempting to intimidate her into complying with his order, according to the news release. The woman, now believing this was not a police officer, fled the scene.

The incident was later reported to an employer, and it was believed a family member reported it to the WPD. However, according to the release, that never happened, causing a delay in the information.

The WPD requests that any tips regarding this case be immediately forwarded to the detective division at 574-385-2208.

The investigation is ongoing.