Wheels On Fire Donates $50K To 3 Local Cancer Organizations

Wheels on Fire – Cancer Crusaders, a ministry of Beaver Dam United Methodist Church, presented checks Sunday to local organizations that support people battling cancer, including Project Hope, Fulton County Cancer Fund and the Kosciusko County Community Foundation for the Cancer Care Fund of Kosciusko County. Liz Surface, representing the Foundation, is pictured receiving a $22,000 donation from Wheels on Fire. Pictured (L to R) are, front row: Linda Heighway, Linda Tucker; middle row: Amy Murphy, Surface, Lori Miller, Karen Clark; back row: Dave Morehouse, Chris Morehouse, Bill Leininger, Claudia Melanson and Angie Black. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.

AKRON – Wheels on Fire – Cancer Crusaders raised over $53,000 this year, the most the ministry of Beaver Dam United Methodist Church has ever raised in a year.

Late Sunday morning, the team presented three checks to local cancer organizations. A $6,000 check was given to Project Hope; $22,000 was presented to Fulton County Cancer Fund; and $22,000 was received by the Kosciusko County Community Foundation for the Cancer Care Fund of Kosciusko County, which is dispersed by the K21 Health Foundation.

“Donations are up,” said Lori Miller, Wheels on Fire head team member. “People are giving memorials like crazy. They hear what we do and they want to give in memory of someone they love. It’s just been phenomenal. Give God all the glory.”

Over the last six years, Wheels on Fire went out on their own to raise money to help support local people battling cancer. During that time, Miller said, Wheels on Fire has given to the Cancer Funds and Kim Waggoner’s Project Hope $161,000.

Money is raised by a variety of ways, Miller said. The Smash Out event in August raised approximately $16,000 this year. Efforts at Echoes of the Past events helps raise funds, and the Fulton County Trap Shoot raised over $4,000 this year.

“Just a lot of different ways,” Miller said.

Project Hope Cancer Care Packs stemmed from Waggoner’s 2010 diagnosis of Stage 4 lymphoma. She wanted to give back so she put together a basket of nutritionals, a journal, devotional and a mug to give to those battling cancer.

For more information, visit her website at kimwaggoner.com.

Established in 2010 by the Fulton County Cancer Fund Caretaker, it allows for local donations to aid local citizens who are in need of financial assistance due to hardships or lack of insurance to purchase medications directly related to cancer. Find more information on the website at https://www.nicf.org/funds/fulton-county-cancer-fund/.

The Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund, administered by K21 Health Foundation, provides assistance to financially-eligible residents of Kosciusko County who are suffering from cancer. The purpose of the fund is to relieve some of the financial strain that often accompanies that dreaded diagnosis. The assistance provided includes but is not limited to items such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, food, car payments and prescription medications.

Learn more on the website at https://www.k21healthfoundation.org/cancer-care-fund/.