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Police investigating armed robbery at Time Out Inn parking lot

Warsaw Police are looking for the public’s help identifying suspects as they investigate the armed robbery of a man who was celebrating at the Time Out Inn on Sunday.

“We have a detective trying to review the video now,” Police Chief Scott Whitaker said Tuesday morning. “It appears we may have good video photos. We haven’t identified the multiple suspects yet.”

Detective Paul Heaton said police were trying to identify the suspects on their own before releasing images to the public. He estimated photos could be released by Wednesday morning.

Police said the robbery with a firearm happened before 3 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot at Time Out Inn in the 1700 block of West Lake Street, Warsaw. A battery with bodily injury also was reported.

“The Time Out Inn wasn’t robbed itself. An individual in the parking lot was shaken down. … He was celebrating and people saw that,” Heaton said.

Stolen were $3,000 in cash, a cell phone valued at $100 and an $80 jacket/hoodie.

Heaton said two to four suspects were possibly involved.

There were no other witnesses beside the male victim, or no one else was cooperating, Heaton said.

“We’re trying to ID the suspects and go in search mode for them,” Heaton said.