Police Recover Money From Key Bank Robbery

Police recovered over $750 stolen earlier this month from Key Bank in North Webster after the robbery suspect’s roommate buried it in a cemetery near Palestine. Police obtained a search warrant for Zachary Springer’s residence and found gloves and sunglasses in a trash can matching those worn by the robbery suspect. During the search of the residence, officers spoke with Springer’s roommate, 24 year old Derek Michael Bruner and listened to phone calls between the two during which Springer advised Bruner to look in certain locations inside the residence. Springer later told police, Bruner had told him the money was not in the location where Springer stated it was. Bruner later admitted he had found the money and buried it at Harrison Township Cemetery. Bruner showed officers where he had buried the money and officers recovered over $750 in cash. Bruner was arrested Monday and preliminarily charged with obstruction of justice, assisting a criminal and theft; All felony charges, and held on a $10,000 bond.