Project being finalized to make Market Street in downtown Warsaw more bicycle friendly

Meeting attendees view Market Street plans (Dan Spalding / Times Union)

A project to make Market Street in downtown Warsaw more friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists is being finalized, and could eventually go before the Common Council.

Two meetings were held this week, the second of which outlined a plan based on public input, research, and analysis by traffic engineers.

Project consultant Jonathan Mooney told attendees that it’s about making downtown a usable space for all types of transportation.

“Our essential goal is to make Market Street downtown more bicycle friendly– more friendly for bikes and paths, more friendly for everybody,” he explained.

Cycle track concept (Dan Spalding/ Times Union)

The proposal includes potential for a two-way cycle track, the elimination of the left turn lane from Market onto Detroit, and higher-visibility crosswalks.

Current available parking would be maintained, and an increase in spots could be possible in the project area.

If you weren’t able to attend the meetings but want all the details, they were broadcast ont the Ride+Walk Warsaw+Winona Lake Facebook page: