Protesters, officials hold Unity March; protests remain peaceful

Photo provided by Fort Wayne Mayor's Office

FORT WAYNE (WOWO) – Fort Wayne officials marched with protesters in downtown Fort Wayne yesterday.

It was the seventh day of protests in Fort Wayne against incidents of alleged police brutality against African Americans nationwide. Mayor Tom Henry told the crowd he’ll make sure such things won’t happen in the Summit City:

“This situation will never happen in the City of Fort Wayne,” Henry said, referring to the events that led up to the nationwide protests, including the death of George Floyd while being arrested in Minneapolis. “Number one we’re going to make sure that our officers are trained over and over again to make sure this won’t happen. Secondly, it won’t happen because all of you will remind us to make sure that we’re all in this together.”

Police Chief Steve Reed thanked the protesters for another day of peaceful demonstrating, saying that the city’s police force is on their side:

“I appreciate everybody being out here today, and everybody being peaceful, that’s what we need,” Reed said. “Fort Wayne is strong, and we are stronger together. To work through our problems, we’ll stand together.”

Approximately 200 people joined the march from the Allen County Courthouse to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. bridge. 100 resumed protests on the courthouse lawn afterward. For the fourth straight day, no arrests were made.