Public Hearing Tonight on US 30 Intersection in Coesse

Screenshot via Google Maps

INDOT will be holding a public hearing tonight in Coesse for those interested in hearing and voicing their opinions on proposed intersection changes at US 30 and County Road 500 East in Whitley County.

Officials are looking at three alternatives to ease traffic congestion and make for safer travel at the intersection with the use of a median U-turn. Those could include a Restricted Crossing U-turn, a Reduced Conflict Intersection and a Boulevard Left.

According to the INDOT website, under the right traffic conditions, MUTs are proven to improve safety and reduce delay by separating and simplifying traffic movements. MUTs improve the ability of traffic to cross a multilane divided highway from a crossroad, and reduce the number of traffic signal phases, which frees up green time for more critical traffic movements through the primary intersection.

The public hearing will take place at 6 PM in the Coesse Elementary School Cafeteria.

Boulevard Left Intersection. (Photo Provided: INDOT)
Reduced Conflict Intersection (Photo Provided: INDOT)
Restricted Crossing U-turn Intersection (Photo Provided: INDOT)