Rain comes as a very dry September gets set to finish

Rain falls across West Market Street in downtown Warsaw. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

While it might not be much, rain falling Sunday night into Monday was a welcome sight for many.

September is set to finish nearly two-and-a-half inches below the normal rainfall for the month, which is typically 3.08 inches. As of Monday morning, the Warsaw Airport ASOS has recorded just 0.34 inches of rain, including rains that fell Sunday night and early Monday morning.

September follows what was a very dry summer. According to U.S. Climate Data, Warsaw remained well below normal as far as rainfall goes. July only saw 0.90 inches of rain, where there is typically 4.27 inches for the month. June was a little wetter with 1.83 inches of rain, but that stayed below the 4.22 inch average.

The airport’s ASOS station was not transmitting data for much of August, so a rainfall estimate could not be taken. But going off of a cooperative observer on the north end of Pike Lake, that station recorded 2.50 inches of rain, keeping below the 4.29 inches that is typically seen there.

While the rain is definitely a welcome sight, the need for more is definitely high. The Climate Prediction Center however does not see much in the way of rain over the next couple of weeks.

8-14 day outlook on precipitation as of Monday, September 29th. (Map: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association; Climate Prediction Center)