Ribbon To Be Cut On E. Market Street Phase 1

A ribbon cutting for the East Market Street – Phase 1 Project will be at 1 p.m. Jan. 25 at the intersection of Market Street and Argonne Road, next to Walgreens.
A temporary road closure will be in effect for that half-block of East Market Street during the ribbon cutting.
East Market Street – Phase 1, from Argonne Road to Bronson Street, has been completed. The three-fourth-mile street rehabilitation project included street redesign, a 10-foot multi-use trail for bikes and pedestrians, new sidewalks, street lights and street trees, according to a press release from the mayor’s office.
Market Street was realigned and marked to provide for safer traffic flow.  The street and underlying infrastructure were brought up to current construction standards through innovative design and construction solutions, the release states. This included drastic improvements to the sanitary and stormwater systems, road base treatment and intersection design.
The 10-foot multi-use trail was designed exclusively for bikes and pedestrians and is an alternative transportation route for residents of the East Market Street neighborhood, citizens who travel to and from downtown Warsaw, and those going to and from Winona Lake and Grace College. The city continues to create more viable choices for citizens in their transportation needs. Those who are unable to drive, including many students and persons with disabilities, now have a safer route, the release states.
The trail is also the central corridor for the local recreational trail network, forming the backbone of the system. The expanding trail network now provides more miles of recreational opportunity and connectivity. More people are now closer to a trail opportunity than before, according to the release. People will find it more feasible and enjoyable to walk to where they want to go. It also states that more people have access to opportunities for recreation, socialization, employment and education.
The bike and pedestrian path for the East Market Street – Phase 1 project was made possible by generous donations from community partners. The K21 Health Foundation committed to the trail project early with a $375,000 matching grant. Trail partners responded by raising over $197,000. These partners include OrthoWorx, The Bowen Center, KCV Cycling Club, Ideal Construction, Tri Kappa and numerous private individuals.
Phase 2 will continue the project to downtown with the help of a federally funded state grant. The release states that the redesign will result in a street that is safe and comfortable for drivers, bikes, walkers, users with disabilities and residents. Engineering has already begun on Phase 2, and bid letting for construction is anticipated to begin in March 2018.
The completed Market Street project will strengthen connections between the Town of Winona Lake, downtown Warsaw, Market Street neighborhood and three parks.

(Story By The Times Union)