Safety tips for Indiana deer hunters as archery season approaches

Indiana Conservation Officers are offering safety tips to keep Hoosier deer hunters safe during the 2016 season, which began this morning in urban zones.  October 1 is the official beginning of archery deer season.

Over 300,000 people will participate in deer hunting activities in the state beginning today extending through January 3, 2017.  On average, 33 people will be injured in hunting related accidents in Indiana during the hunting seasons with 18 of those injuries occurring as a result of falls from elevated platforms (data dating from 2006 through 2015).

“Although the number of accidents are low across the state, it is always a tragedy when the accident is preventable”, said Lt. Larry Morrison, Outdoor Education Commander.

Indiana Conservation Officers offer these safety tips when hunting from elevated platforms:

Before the Hunt

-Read and understand tree stand manufacturer’s instructions

-Check stands for wear, fatigue, cracks or loose nuts/bolts

-Practice at ground level

-Learn how to properly wear your Full Body Harness.

During the Hunt

-Wear your Full Body Harness

-Make certain that you attach your harness to the tree before leaving the ground

-When using a ladder stand or fixed stand always maintain three points of contact during the ascent/descent.  Install and utilize a life-line system. Immediately attach your Full Body Harness to the tree when arriving on the platform.

-Use boots with non-slip soles to avoid slipping.

-Use a haul line to raise and lower firearms, bows and hunting gear.

-Make certain that firearms are unloaded before attaching the haul line.

-Never attach a haul line to the trigger or trigger guard.

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