Scam Alert For Kosciusko County

KCSD Press Release – Detectives from the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department are warning citizens of yet another local telephone scam that appears to have resurfaced from last year.  

Officers have recently received various reported incidents of local citizens that have been contacted by individuals via telephone that are portraying themselves as either the local police or sheriff’s departments. The suspected caller presumably attempts to deceive the caller by advising that they have some type of outstanding court cost/fines.  A second variation is that the suspects are advising victims that they have missed a court date, such as jury duty, and that a warrant will be issue for their arrest.  The suspects will then provide a fraudulent solution, suggesting that the victim obtain a pre-paid credit card in the amount of the fictitious fine.  

In most of the cases, the suspects tend to prey upon citizens by confusing and obscuring the victim with verbal tactics.    

Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine advises that neither the county court system, nor the sheriff’s department, contact individuals over the telephone regarding such matters.  He also urges citizens to be very protective of their personal information. If contacted, detectives are advising the public to instruct the caller that to simply hang-up, or notify your local law enforcement to report the incident.