School Board Elects Officers For 2016

Warsaw School Board elected officers during Tuesday night’s organizational meeting.
Jennifer Tandy was re-elected president, Matt Dick was re-elected vice president and Randy Polston was re-elected secretary.
The board approved a resolution stating the treasurer is Erica Purvis and deputy treasurer is April Fitterling. Executive secretary is Lori Tilden.
The copy fee for records obtained through the executive secretary is 10 cents per page.
The resolution states the officers and members of the board of finance are the same members of the school board.
The school board compensation for 2016 is not to exceed $2,000 per year.
The cash management provider for 2016 is Lake City Bank, and the school board appointed Warrick & Boyn LLP and Reed and Earhart as legal counsel.
Warsaw Times-Union is designated for 2016 for the advertisement of legal notices for the community. Mileage rate reimbursement is 54 cents per mile.
Daily rates for substitute teachers is $81 per day or $40.50 for half a day.

(Story By The Times Union)