School bus safety bill moves forward to Indiana House floor

The “never again” school bus safety bill is moving on the the full Indiana House.

WNDU reports four amendments were added yesterday before the altered bill passed out of committee.

Senate Bill 2 seeks to encourage school districts to put cameras on the stop arms of their buses as a way of identifying motorists who fail to stop and as a way of forcing those violators to pay fines.

The parents of the three children killed at a Fulton County bus stop in October released a statement expressing their happiness that the bill has moved on to the House floor.

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Brittany and Shane Ingle issued the following statement:

Shane and I are extremely pleased that today the House Committee chose to pass the Senate Bill #2 (The Maxstrong Bill) and it will now move to the full house for a vote probably next week.
We are aware and respect that there was some resistance to certain things in the bill and we hope that we can bring all sides together to come to with an agreement that will get everyone on board and we can get this important bill passed to help save children’s lives. We know that the No votes are more to do with language and that all members of the committee are focused on how we can all improve children’s safety, that has to be priority #1. But it’s important for all legislators to remember, every NO vote means a greater risk of having more tragedy like the horrible tragedy our family is trying to come to grips with and not finding a way to bring the greatly needed change would only keep ALL children at risk across Indiana.