Sculptures coming to Winona Lake Heritage Trail

Private donations are said to be funding three sculptures that will be in the newest portion of the Winona Lake Heritage Trail.

The Winona Art Commission says each of the sculptures will represent a part of Winona Lake’s history.

The Times Union reports the first sculpture is by Andy Tomasik and depicts Winona/Eagle Lake with three pillars representing fall, winter, and spring.

The second sculpture is called “Perpetual Fire” by Ben Solee. Its an aluminum piece which is said to represent evangelist Billy Sunday’s preaching.

The third sculpture is also by Solee and depicts the Winona Queen– a watercraft which carried tourists around the waters of Winona Lake throughout the years. This piece is intended to be more interactive than the others.

The Winona Art Commission is hoping to include a fourth sculpture to represent the Miami and Potawatomi Indian tribes, but they need $8,000 to fund it.