Sheriff Rovenstine’s Attorneys file motions to eliminate evidence

Trial preparations for Kosciusko County Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine continued Wednesday in Elkhart Superior Court 1. Rovenstine’s attorneys and state prosecutors filed several motions to eliminate evidence they believe may sway the jury unfairly.

Judge Evan Roberts granted some of the state and defense’s motions, while others are being taken under advisement. Rovenstine’s jury trial is now set to start April 3 in Kosciusko County. Roberts was appointed to preside over the case to avoid any conflicts of interest due to Rovenstine’s postition as sheriff.

For the same reason, special prosecutor Nelson Chipman was chosen to argue for the state. Deputy prosecutor Matt Sarber told WNDU, if they can’t select an un-biased jury within two days of the trial’s start date, they’ll move it to another county.