Warsaw Community Schools Honor Dave Fulkerson In Press Release

WCS Press Release – Warsaw Community Schools would like to honor Dave Fulkerson, former athletic director, for his many years of service and commitment to students, staff and his community. Fulkerson, 78, passed away peacefully on Monday, Feb. 13, in Warsaw. Fulkerson began his tenure at WCS in 1982, when he first began his career enriching the lives of others. Coworkers remember Dave as a generous and kindhearted individual who loved helping and interacting with all students. “Dave was a tremendously generous man who never met a stranger. He loved spending time with students, not just student-athletes, but students from all walks of life. I think cafeteria supervision may have been his favorite part of the day because he would get to talk to kids. He was exceptionally giving to those less fortunate and those in need,” shared current WCS Athletic Director Dave Anson. Anson was not the only person to remember Fulkerson’s generosity and caring nature. Troy Akers, WCHS principal, also noted his many experiences observing Fulkerson’s kindness in the WCHS cafeteria “I remember many things about Mr. Fulkerson. Probably, the first thing would be how generous he was to our students,” stated Akers. “He appeared to have “pockets full of cash” to help anyone in the lunchroom who might be short one day. He was truly a fixture in the lunchroom every day.”

Fulkerson served for 26 years as the Warsaw Community Schools’ athletic director. Though he retired in 2008, Fulkerson continued his ties to WCS as an independent consultant for the athletic department the year following his retirement. “I had the opportunity to work with Dave for five years as an assistant in the athletic office through the early 2000s. I learned a great deal through working with him, and those experiences helped fuel my passion and interests to continue in this field. He certainly built a legacy in Warsaw,” shared Anson Though Fulkerson was well-known for his caring nature, his dedication and love of Tiger athletics was undeniable. According to Akers, Fulkerson was known throughout the state as one of the top athletic directors and his peers looked up to him both literally and figuratively. Fulkerson was known for his supportive nature to both coaches and athletes on and off the field. “…Fulkerson was everywhere! You would often find him after school driving around the campus or to another site watching our student athletes practice and compete. Dave Fulkerson was bigger than life. He will always be a Warsaw Tiger and his legacy will live on,” said Anson. “Dave was always the type of person who impacted a multitude of students behind the scenes,” stated Warsaw Community Schools Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert. “Daily, he would make sure that every kid was able to eat lunch or had the resources they needed. As a student and coach that served underneath him, it was one of my biggest honors and privileges to know this great man.” Through his dedication and commitment Fulkerson has left a lasting impact on the corporation. Warsaw Community Schools expresses its deepest sympathy to the family and many friends of Dave Fulkerson as well as the warmest regards for the lasting impact he has had on both our corporation and community as a whole.