Sheriff’s Office installs ‘Safe Visitor Kiosk’ with help from LITE

From left, Tammy Cotton, LITE Program, Sheriff Jim Smith, and Jail Commander Kevin Gelbaugh. Photo provided.
News Release

WARSAW — A volunteer group known as LITE (Living in Transition Effectively) has partnered with the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office on the purchase of a Safe Visitor Kiosk.

The implementation of the kiosk will provide accountability for everyone who
enters or volunteers inside of the jail.

The kiosk features a checking in/out function, has the ability to run reports on visitors, and has real-time tracking ability. These features will allow jail staff to track and monitor visitors at any given time which provides for a safer facility.

Sheriff Jim Smith said he is grateful for the partnership with Chris and
Tammy Cotton and the LITE program on this project.

Smith said he has a responsibility as sheriff, to keep staff, visitors, and inmates inside of the jail safe.

He said anytime a volunteer is inside the jail, they will be required to
wear a name tag that is printed from the kiosk. This accountability will allow jail
staff the ability to monitor the activities of volunteers.

Sheriff Smith said, “Anytime I can implement a safety measure for our staff
and the inmates inside of the jail, it’s a win.”