Social Worker Accused Of Food Stamp Fraud

A social worker and her client are in trouble after being accused of using food stamps improperly. On Tuesday, 53 year old Cindy Scotton and 25 year old Desean Hayes of Fort Wayne were charged with corrupt business influence, welfare fraud and theft. The Journal Gazette says Scotton, an employee of SCAN (standing for Stop Child Abuse and Neglect) used her credit card to buy things for Hayes. When nearly $1,700 in items where bought for Hayes, it raised red flags for investigators. Family and Social Services had doubts that the funds were being used for Hayes and her two young toddlers. For example, several visits to the grocery store involved meat purchases, but Hayes said she was a vegetarian. A birthday cake was also bought with the food benefits card. Scotton has been released on her own recognizance, however Hayes was not found and has a warrant out for her arrest.