Some commercial truck drivers avoiding toll road due to rate hike

An increase in rates for semis on the Indiana Toll Road has led to some drivers avoiding that road in favor of smaller highways and that is a cause for concern for people along the non-toll road highways, who have seen an increase in semi traffic.

Carl Svendsen of Holver Lines tells ABC 57 that the 35% increase is designed to support a one billion-dollar proposed by Governor Holcomb, as well as other regular increases that has truck drivers avoiding the Toll Road.

Along with the increase in traffic along arteries such as U.S. 6, 30, or 33, Svendsen also says he expects to see trucking companies begin to charge more for consumer goods due to the increase.

In Marshall County, “No Through Trucks” signs have been posted along county roads but they only serve as a deterrent. An ordinance that could allow for enforcement and fines when Semis use county roads will be voted on in November.