State reaches $20 million settlement with Google

Network Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with Google.

In a press release issued Thursday, state Attorney General Todd Rokita said the settlement with Google totals $20 million, citing the same Indiana law that was being used to take action against the social media app TikTok.

The lawsuit stems from Google’s location tracking, which is used to develop a profile on users and target tailor-made advertisements. Rokita says Google has not been completely truthful about its location tracking, citing an Associated Press report from 2018.

Rokita says the main issue is that it only takes one or two pieces of data about a person to completely expose their identity and routine.

According to the press release issued by Rokita’s office, the $20 million settlement is about double the amount of money the state would have received if it stuck with the negotiations between other state attorneys general. Instead, Indiana broke off from the pact and filed a suit against Google.

“This settlement is another manifestation of our steadfast commitment to protect Hoosiers from Big Tech’s intrusive schemes,” Attorney General Rokita said in the release, “we will continue holding these companies accountable for their improper manipulation of consumers.”

Rokita has also filed two lawsuits against TikTok for misleading children and creating a dangerous platform that exposes kids to sexual, vulgar material. Several other states have completely banned the download of TikTok on state devices for fears of China using the app to spy on United State government officials.