State Releases ISTEP Scores

We are getting our first look at ISTEP+ results, but what do they mean?

The Indiana Department of Education has released the results, but it’s not clear how they’ll be used, or if they will even be used at all. That’s because it’s the first test since the Indiana General Assembly required new tightened standards. ┬áThat makes comparisons to prior years very inexact.

Earlier this week, the Senate Education Committee endorsed a bill that wouldn’t punish schools for lower performances. That sentiment is overwhelmingly shared by other lawmakers in both the senate and house.

Meanwhile, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz says she’ll continue to work for a fair system that gauges school performance by meaningful measures and not test scores.

In 2015, 67.3% of students passed the English/Language Arts section, 61% passed the Mathematics section, and 53.5% passed both sections.

Additionally, 69.2% of 4th and 6th grade students passed the Science section and 70.4% of 5th and 7th grade students passed the optional Social Studies section.