“Stellar” workforce housing development being built in Culver

Culver’s designiation a “Stellar Community” in Indiana has led the Marshall County town to start a project officials believe is stellar.

Development is beginning this week on Sand Hill Farm. It’s a new workforce housing complex designed to target the thousands of employees that may work in Marshall County, but commute from out of the county. For instance, only 15-percent of the employees at Elkay Wood Products in Culver actually live in Culver.

Project developer Kevin Berger told ABC 57 that his project hopes to make that number go up. “These are facilities that are going to bring in families. That’s what they’re geared towards, and its central location here, makes it walking distance to everything.”

Town council president Ginny Munroe hopes this helps Culver evolve beyond just being a tourist destination.

“Culver has a strong tourism economy,” Munroe told ABC 57. “And so we were sort of known as a summer vacation spot, and the focus for us for Stellaris making us a stellar town year round, so we’re contributing to lifestyle and business year round and not just in the summer months”

Developers hope the 14 acre project is complete by the start of school in fall 2018. The project costs $3.8 million, with $270,000 in Regional Cities funding.