Street department transfers money for repairs, maintenance

(Carli Luca / News Now Warsaw)

Some transfers of monies were made for the Warsaw Street Department during Monday’s common council meeting.

Street Superintendent Dustin Dillon requested the transfer of $412,700 from the main budget into areas for repairs and maintenance, operations and trash service. $341,000 of that will be going into street repairs and maintenance which includes milling of streets and micro surfacing.

Overall, the moves take $200,000 out of salaries, $175,000 out of health insurance, $15,300 from FICA/Medicare and $22,400 from PERF.

Mayor Joe Thallemer added in that the move was good to keep up street maintenance and with the uncertainty of funding from the state and Dillon added that it will help keep the city “ahead of the game” on projects.

You can hear Dillon’s full explanation of the moving of funds, along with discussion below: