Students Organize Climate March for First Friday

Members of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America Club at Warsaw Community High School have organized a Climate March to take place during First Friday this week.
The march will depart from the KC Recycling Depot, 220 S. Union St., at 5 p.m. The first 75 participants will receive a MudLOVE bracelet, according to Maria Duenas, one of the organizers.
“The club is centered around community service and impacting our community in a positive way. This year I have chosen to plan and organize a Climate March to simply raise awareness for global climate change,” she said.
MudLOVE provided a discount on the bracelets, and Duenas said she was able to raise funds for the march in a matter of hours through a GoFundMe page when someone anonymously gave all the money needed.
“We picked this project because we felt that this past ‘winter’ was earth telling us that we need to start making changes in our lifestyles,” Duenas said. “Global climate change is not a disputable topic, it is scientifically proven that the rise of earth’s temperatures is happening at faster pace than ever before. By hosting this march we can hopefully reach a wider audience of people and potentially influence policymakers in our community to enact laws that will better benefit the environment we live in not only for our sake, but also for future generations.”
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(Story By The Times Union)