Study ranks Indiana tenth among states with best roads

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A new study lists Indiana as a top ten state when it comes to the nation’s best roads. The Hoosier state placed 10th on the list by Consumer Affairs.
Only about 6% of the state’s urban roads and 2% of rural roads are in poor condition, based on the International Roughness Index. Still, Consumer Affairs reports that Indiana’s drivers don’t seem impressed.
Indiana was the only state in the Midwest to make the top ten.
The states with the best roads frequently perform maintenance on their streets and have significant infrastructure budgets, as well as residents with good things to say about the roads they drive on each day.
Top Ten states for good road conditions:
1.  New Hampshire
2.  Minnesota
3.  Vermont
4.  Alabama
5.  Idaho
6.  Kansas
7.  Florida
8.  Georgia
9.  Nevada
10. Indiana
The study says Hawaii is anything but paradise when it comes to their roads, which ranked the worst in the nation.
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