Successful Summer For McCleary and Lincolnway Cub Scout Camp

Kosciusko and Whitley Counties make up Lincolnway District, which is part of the Anthony Wayne Area Council – Boy Scouts of America.  For the past 40 years, Lincolnway Cub Scout Day Camp has been held at Rising Arrow Campground south of Warsaw. The Day Camp averages 200 campers every year for the past 15 years with many coming from outside the local Council area.

Richard McCleary started the local Day Camp back in 1976 and has been its Director every year since then.  Since McCleary is 75 years old this summer, he has spent more than half his life serving the Scout Program and is looking forward to the 2017 Day Camp.  He is already looking at clown outfits since the Program Chairman – Teresa Rhodes – has picked a Circus Theme for next summer.

At this year’s  Friday closing ceremony, Larry Hanes announced the Rifle Range (BB-Gun) Sharpshooter winners:  Wolf Group – 1st Place Hunter Fisher (Pack 3747), 2nd Michael Zorn (3726) and 3rd Harrison Novak (3081).  Bear Group – 1st Kameron Kort (3081), 2nd Braxton Strout (3450), and 3rd Tristin Bratton (3770).  Webelos Group – 1st Gabriel Swihart (3088), 2nd Jaxon Cranick (3715) and 3rd Dylan Cassidy (3761).  AOL Group – 1st John Hoy (3726, 2nd Alexander Shock (3726), and 3rd Xavier Washingaton (3726).

The Archery Range winners were announced by Instructors Dan and Michelle Somers:  Wolf Group – 1st Harrison Novak (3081), 2nd Hunter Fisher (3747), and 3rd Zachary Zorn (3726).  Bear Group – 1st Aiden Huston (3088), 2nd Lance Masterson (3767), and 3rd Carson Carpenter (3088).  Webelos Group – 1st Gavin Blair (3726), 2nd Dylan Cassidy (3761), and 3rd Sam Ayres (3450).  AOL Group – 1st Blair Donovan (3726), 2nd Jackson Fleetwood (3081), and 3rd John Hoy (3726).