Tennessee Woman Arrested For False Reporting Against Syracuse Man

Police advised that when they were speaking to Golden, she grabbed her neck, began squeezing it hard and scratched herself. Golden told the officers she wanted to press charges against her friend. During the interview, dispatch called to alert officers the male in question was out of control at his residence.

A SPD officer went to the male’s home where he was asking to be arrested, stating he was in the wrong. He told the officer that Golden allegedly hit him in the jaw like a man and that he was protecting himself when he threw her on the bed. The officer asked the male if he wanted to press charges on Golden, and he said no on several occasions.

The male was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to the Kosciusko Community Hospital for medical clearance, due to his breath alcohol content of .283 percent. Once released from KCH, he was taken to the Kosciusko County Jail, however his breath alcohol content was at still at .283 percent. He was taken back to KCH again for medical clearance, then was taken home and released to his daughter.

The officer that orignally located Golden walking near Penguin Point observed her talking on the phone and choking herself. The officer also stated when he took her to the police department for a statement, the mark on her neck was redder than it was when he initially found her. A warrant was issued for Golden for false reporting due to two separate occasions in which two officers observed Golden choking herself.

On July 5, police contacted Golden in reference to the disorderly conduct case. Golden stated she wanted to drop the charges due to the fact that she was in the wrong. She told officers she was the person that should have been arrested due to the fact she was the one who initiated the altercation.

She is being held in the Kosciusko County Jail on a $600 bond.