Three arrested, including injured man, following Tuesday shooting in South Bend

Three people have been officially charged following a west side South Bend shooting Tuesday, including the victim.

26-year-old Daalerhay Gray and 19-year-olds Treveon Smith and Jaylen Green were arrested and charged after South Bend police say all three admitted to firing a gun. All three have been charged with weapons possession.

Smith was the victim that was shot in the shoulder. He was arrested after being treated at a local hospital while the other two were taken into custody immediately.

The shooting happened in an alleyway near the LaSalle Park Homes complex near Falcon and Washington Streets just before 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

A South Bend police spokesman says an officer, already in the area on an unrelated call, heard three shots fired, and dispatch heard the shots as the officer radioed in. Police believe the shots were fired as the result of an argument.

Harrison Primary Center was briefly on lockdown after the shooting took place.