Tippecanoe Valley Considering Purchase Of Property

(photo supplied / Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation)

Tippecanoe Valley School Board will be asked Monday to approve a resolution to investigate the possible purchase of property.

During the school board meeting Thursday, Superintendent Blaine Conley said the school corporation has been working with law firm Lewis Kappes so the school corporation has everything in place. The law firm provided the school corporation with a resolution to be approved Monday in order to start the investigation into the possible purchase of property north of Mentone Elementary School.

Conley didn’t provide any more information as of Thursday’s meeting, but said more information will be available Monday.

The Board also will look to approve the readoption of the teacher appreciation grant policy. Conley said the Board has to approve the policy every biennium.

“That’s the money that the legislators set aside for the teacher appreciation grant, which is outside the funding they approve,” Conley said.

He said the Board will be asked to approve the teaching assignments on Monday.

“We do that every year. We got the list updated in terms of where we’re at, the positions where everyone’s working,” Conley said.

The Board will be asked to approve extracurricular position assignments as well.