Tippecanoe Valley Schools dedicates Akron Elementary

by Carol Anders, Times Union Correspondent

The dedication Sunday of the newly built Akron Elementary School culminates nearly three years of planning and work by many.

Speaking on the cooperation of staff and students, Principal Christy Mills said, “This is not my building. It is our building.”

The project began in April 2015 when the Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation Board of Trustees conducted a project and preliminary determination hearing.

Superintendent Brett Boggs said, “It was at that hearing we shared the scope of the planned renovation and new construction, the associated costs and how the project would be financed. Thank you to the community for its support of this project, which was completed without a referendum. That seldom happens in today’s  world.

“Akron Elementary School is truly a community school. I’m certain this new school is one of the reasons our small town is thriving today.”

The Skillman Corp. served as the project managers for the nearly three-year project. It presented a plaque to Boggs that will hang permanently on the school walls.

After the dedication remarks, Derek Anderson, of Skillman Corp., said some 40 contractors and subcontractors worked on the project, many from Kosciusko County.

Boggs thanked Pike Lumber Co. for its contributions saying, “During the design phase of the project, we contacted Pike Lumber Company to see if they would like to incorporate Pike hardwoods into the new school. They responded with an enthusiastic yes and you will see, as you tour the building, a variety of Pike hardwoods are located throughout the school.”