Tippy Valley To Hold Budget Hearing Monday; Approve Grants

(photo supplied / Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation)

Tippecanoe Valley School Board will have a hearing for the 2021 budget during its regular meeting Monday.

During Thursday’s public work session, Superintendent Blaine Conley said the board will go through the budget Monday. The hearing will then be opened to the public for comments.

The board also will be asked to approve three large grants Monday.

The largest grant is $304,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Grant. The two other grants are $100,000 from Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s Secured Safety Grant and $35,500 from the Indiana Department of Education’s Digital Learning Capacity Grant.

“It’s got to be a record year of what we’ve done with grants,” Conley said.

Lori Tilden-Geiger, director of marketing, public relations and grants, will give more information about the grants during Monday’s meeting, including funding and how it’s going to affect the school corporation.

Conley said he will update the board on the softball facility project.

On Sunday, the field was fertilized again, Conley said. “And we’re putting the recommended amount of water in different areas.”

Conley said the general contractor is responsible for the grass through the spring.

“We’re definitely winding down,” he said.

Tippecanoe Valley High School’s Viking Room will be dedicated to former TVHS coach and teacher Jeff Shriver at 5:30 p.m. today. Shriver died in December from cancer.

Conley said the Viking Room used to be one of Shriver’s old classrooms and the murals that had been painted in the room were “just very fitting.”

Conley said it’s going “to be a tough night.”