Triton Football remembers Cameron Scarberry

Cameron Scarberry was only 16 when a crash Sunday ended his life. Now the Triton Football Team is having to continue gameplay without the junior starter.

Triton Athletics Director Mason McIntyre tells WNDU that Cam showed great leadership.

“When you have a junior that is willing to take that leadership role, it just says a lot about that young man. He took some of those kids under his wing. It just speaks volumes of who Cam was, what he stood for and how much he cared about his teammates.”

Triton Coach Ron Brown speaks to the struggles the team has faced coping with Cam’s passing.

“It’s been horrible. I can’t even describe how difficult this has been. I never would have thought I would be dealing with something like this. It’s unimaginable.”

The Trojans played Pioneer last night so that students could attend the visitation for Cam tonight and the funeral tomorrow.