Triton Superintendent Contract to be discussed tonight

Triton High School's new gymnasium floor (photo supplied / Triton Athletics)

The contract of the Triton Schools Superintendent will be discussed this evening.

A public hearing will be held regarding the proposed contract for Superintendent Jeremy Riffle at 7 PM before the regular school board meeting. If approved, the contract would go through the end of June 2022. It includes a base salary of $106,650.

Here is a full summary of what is included in the contract:

A. The contract commences on July 1, 2019 and shall continue through June 30, 2022.
B. The annual base salary shall be one hundred eight thousand dollars ($106,650) beginning July 1,
2019 and a one-time stipend of eight thousand dollars ($8,000) will be paid the first year of the
C. The contract provides for the Superintendent to work 250 days per year, subject to the following
paid leave: school holidays and vacation periods within the school calendar, 20 days vacation, 3 days
personal leave, and 12 days sick leave.
D. The Board shall pay the Superintendent’s statutory contributions to the Indiana State Teachers
Retirement Fund. The value of this contribution is 3.00% of the Superintendent’s salary
E. The school corporation shall pay into the Superintendent’s 401(a) plan $2,500.
F. The Board shall contribute to the Superintendent’s health insurance at the maximum allowed
under Indiana Law, 112% of the State of Indiana contributions.
G. The Board shall provide a term life insurance policy for the Superintendent with a face value of
$150,000, with the Superintendent to contribute $1.00 toward the cost of the policy. The Board shall
provide a group long term disability protection plan for the Superintendent.
I. The Board shall reimburse the Superintendent for work-related travel.
J. Indiana Code §20-28-8-6(2) states that “The contract must be for a term of at least thirty-six
months”. The proposed contract may be terminated by the Board for failure to meet minimum
qualifications or for cause as set forth at Indiana Code § 20-28-8-7(2).

The board will not be voting on the contract tonight. That will come at their next meeting, which is on Monday, September 9th.

You can see the contract in it’s entirety on the Triton School’s website here.