Trump Supporters Turn Out Saturday

While thousands of supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump  were attending a rally for him in Fort Wayne Sunday, a group of locals stood along Detroit Street waving Trump signs and offered free hot dogs and water.
They were just about a block down from the Ted Cruz supporters, who had came out for a second Sunday in a row.
Halfway into the four-hour event, a Warsaw Police Department officer told the Trump supporters that while they could stand on the sidewalk, they had to move off the First Federal Savings Bank parking lot. So the group of about 10 moved to the other side of Detroit Street near N&J Auto, with the passing motorists continuing to honk their horns in support.
Don Brooks, Warsaw, was one of the sign wavers and came out to the event to “do what I can do” for Trump. Asked why he was a Trump supporter, he responded, “Look at the choices. They’re very limited. The country’s been looking for something new, a non-politician. He’s as qualified as anyone else. Just give the man a chance.”
Holly Cesaretti was out for Trump along with her husband and son.
“I’ve been a fan of Trump for 30 years. I’ve read all his books. I think he would make a great president because he’ll clean America up, make it great again, and he’ll get jobs for everyone and the United States needs him,” she said.
Cesaretti stated she thinks Trump can balance the budget and, “I just think he’ll do an awesome job. I believe in him.”
They had brought hundreds of Trump signs with them Sunday to give out, but Cesaretti said they had to start limiting them to one per person because they were going so fast.
“People have been coming and coming. We put a ‘honk’ sign up and people have been honking and honking,” Cesaretti said. “He’s getting people out to vote and that’s so important.”
Roger Gaff, Warsaw, said he was a Trump supporter and came out to Sunday’s event “because I think the three biggest crises facing the nation today are illegal immigration, the Muslim Syrians trying to come in – and they’re already trying to take over our country – and the disgraceful way we treat our veterans. And Donald Trump wants to fix those things. And if I can help him do that, I will.”
He said he’s been a registered Republican his entire life, but as a union employee has voted for some Democrats. “But Trump’s the only guy who’s going to do it. He can’t be bought, and to me that’s a winning combination,” he said.
Gaff said a lot of politicians will say what they think you need to hear for them to get elected, but Trump “doesn’t say that kind of thing. If he can turn the country around and take care of the veterans, that in itself would be enough reason for me to vote for him.”
He said he was happy at Sunday’s turnout. “We’ve had a bunch of honks. We’ve had a great turnout. … There’s probably been a hundred people through here already,” he said.
Lana Wolfe made it over to Warsaw from Sidney for the mini rally.
“I live in Sidney, and I knew they were having this today, so I wanted to come over and show my support. I think Trump is trying to get out there what needs to be done,” she said.
Things that need to be changed, she said, include “foreign policy, the immigrants and anything in that line that he said on TV. I agree with all of it.”