Two Firms Qualify To Submit Proposals For WCHS Tennis Courts

Photo provided.

Building design firms Performance Services, Indianapolis, and Roche Constructors, Warsaw, were deemed qualified during the Warsaw Community Schools Technical Review Committee meeting Tuesday.

According to Chief Financial Officer April Fitterling, the two firms responded to WCS’s request for qualifications (RFQ) for the tennis court project at Warsaw Community High School. The project is budgeted at about $1 million.

Daniel Rawlins, The Rawlins Group LLC, criteria design/criteria developer for the tennis court project, said the firms had a questionnaire they had to fill out with their responses to the RFQ. Some of the questions asked of the firms were if they able to do business in Indiana and do they have adequate insurance coverage. Rawlins said both companies passed on all those criteria.

Rawlins said based on his analysis, both firms are qualified and since the committee only had two firms respond to the RFQ, the committee doesn’t have to short-list the firms who responded.

According to law, he said the committee was able to declare both of the firms qualified to do the job, unless a member of the committee had some reason to declare that either of the firms were unqualified to do the work. No member did so during Tuesday’s meeting.

Rawlins said a request for proposal (RFP) will be extended to both firms.

A RFP is a business document that announces and provides details about a project, as well as solicits bids from contractors who will help complete the project.

The proposals will be due March 8, Rawlins said.

On March 11, the committee will evaluate the proposals. There will be a public meeting at 2:45 p.m. at the administration building where the committee will open the price proposals and determine which proposal to go with.

The bid chosen will then go before the school board on March 15.