US 30 Coalition Holds Public Meeting

The US 30 Coalition held a public meeting last night to talk about a proposed solution to traveling through Warsaw.

The coalition offered a first draft proposal to the nearly 200 people who attended Tuesday night’s meeting. The city’s proposal offered starts at Fox Farm Road to the west and ends at County Road 250 East, and uses both on and off-ramps and overpasses to create a freeway through Warsaw using the existing path.

The concern expressed by those in attendance was making sure that local residents have access to US 30, vehicles have access to the businesses along the existing highway and farm vehicles can get from one side of US 30 to the other.

In Kosciusko County outside of Warsaw, access would be limited to SR 19 at Etna Green, Hoffman Lake Road, CR 500 West, and at SR 13 in Pierceton.

What was presented Tuesday is a proposal that will be submitted to INDOT with any adjustments based on public comment, but Warsaw Mayor Joe Thallemer reminded the audience that, ultimately, INDOT will have the final say in what is done. He also says the study by INDOT will start in April with public meetings take two years to complete, and it could take another 5-6 years to get that plan funded.

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