Warsaw Community High School to get full-time drug dog

(photo supplied / Warsaw Community Schools)

Warsaw Community Schools Chief Academic Officer David Robertson announced the high school is getting a full-time drug dog.

“We are working on an agreement to enter into with the Warsaw (Police Department) to have a dog full time with officer (Brandon) Zartman,” Robertson said.

Zartman is a school resource officer. The dog is an English cocker spaniel.

“He’s a highly trained dog” the police department got two years ago, Robertson said. “It’s the sweetest-looking dog. You wouldn’t believe it’s a police dog if you see it.”

He said the dog can detect drugs and any kind of paraphernalia.

He said police dogs have been used three times since the start of the semester – once at each of the two middle schools and once at the high school.

Board Vice President Randy Polston said he was in the meeting where they discussed a full-time dog at the high school and “Warsaw PD just jumped on it right away. They said, ‘If you want it, we’ll make it happen.’ I just really appreciate the relationship we have.”