Warsaw Community Schools looks at purchasing land near Claypool Elementary

Warsaw Community Schools is looking to purchase a parcel of land near Claypool Elementary School, and looking at options for a potential project on land near Edgewood Middle School.

“We’re pretty excited about working with a couple of different community people on some land transactions, on some projects,” Chief Financial Officer Dr. Brandon Penrod said during the school board’s public work session Monday.

The Claypool property is about 4 acres to the left of the school (if you’re looking at the school from CR 700S). The exciting part of the purchase, he said, is that the land will provide an area for students to do outside work.

Penrod said they had a basic agreement on the price, but some final details needed to be worked out.

Penrod said the farm property is about 175 feet by 600 or 700 feet. The school corporation went through the appraisal process to come up with a “good, fair price” on the property, he said.

The piece of property near Edgewood Middle School is near the solar panels. This morning Penrod said an attorney is looking into what can be done with the property, whether that’s a lease, easement, etc.

He said there may not be a project at all as it’s too premature to speculate.