Warsaw Community Schools now had child care facility available for staff

Warsaw Community Schools now has a child care facility available for staff at a low cost. It’s set up for children of employees.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert tells News Now Warsaw’s IN the Know its in part an effort to retain teachers.

“We realize that in our community one of our biggest deficiencies that is out there is proper child care,” he explains. “That was also affecting teachers and teacher retention as well. We’re very proud to say the Warsaw Area Career Center now has a childcare facility inside of it.”

The child care facility for employee children opened this year after some minor renovations made room for it.

“Our goal was to create a zero sum, because its not there to make a profit, but its there to be able to provide a service. Our goal that it was not a cost to our school system, but an effort by our school system to be able to create that,” says Hoffert.