Over $150K worth of guns, cash, and more stolen from Warsaw home

Over $150,000 worth of guns, cash, jewelry and debit/credit cards were allegedly stolen from a Warsaw man’s residence over the weekend.

The theft in the 900 block of West CR 400N, Warsaw, was reported at 1:26 p.m. Saturday, according to a Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department incident report.

The guns reported stolen included a Wyndham AR15, valued at $2,000; a Colt AR15, valued at $2,000; an AK47, valued at $1,500; a .38 Special, valued at $600; a Springfield XDM 9mm, valued at $900; two Taurus Judges, valued at $700 each; a Kinmber 9mm, valued at $1,500; a Mossberg shotgun, valued at $300; three Sig Sauers, valued at $900 each; a Seiko LaSalle, valued at $5,000; a Kinmber 380, valued at $1,100; a Colt M1991A1, valued at $1,000; a Sig Sauer .45, valued at $1,000; a Glock .45, valued at $1,000; a Springfield 9mm valued at $900; and a Kinmber Ultra Carry, IWI?Magnum and Ruger Revolver, values not provided.

Ammunition valued at $600 and a cross bow valued at $1,000 were taken.

Cash stolen totaled $49,000.

Two watches, valued at a total of $80,000, also were stolen.

The incident is still under investigation.