Warsaw Community Schools responds to red, white, and blue controversy

Warsaw Community Schools has been coming under fire via social media. Several area residents say the school banned students from wearing red, white, and blue at the Friday night football game.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert has issued a statement to address the controversy, which says students were not prohibited from wearing red, white, and blue.

The full statement reads as follows:

“On Friday evening, September 2nd, the Warsaw Community High School (WCHS) football team played against Plymouth. Our cheer block theme for the evening was Military Appreciation night. The evening started with the JROTC presenting the colors with the large field American flag and the WCHS Tiger Pride Marching Band played the National Anthem. The night went without incident of individuals removed from the game.

Questions have arisen of WCHS limiting patriotic clothes and color of clothing. The theme
being military appreciation night encouraged students to wear camouflage as part of the cheer block activities. Numerous announcements were made leading up to the game of the theme and colors. WCHS has a documented dress code that DOES NOT prohibit symbols or colors of the American flag. Although the theme and colors for the night did not match red, white and blue, these are not prohibited to wear. WCHS prides itself in long patriotic history and pride in our country. A thorough review will be conducted on communications with the cheer block surrounding this situation. Any statement or perceived action of removal for wearing patriotic colors was never intended, nor was the stance for the theme of the night to appear in any manner unpatriotic.

A sincere apology goes out from WCHS for any comments or actions contrary to our well established policy and strong pride in America.

Over the Labor Day weekend following the football game, comments have been sent to school officials concerned about limiting patriotic actions during the game. The theme of Military Appreciation night was selected as a way to promote patriotism and pride in our country and the armed services.

WCHS has a great students body who are actively involved and dedicated to doing the right
actions as future community leaders. Guardrails and protocols were put in place leading into this school year and the development of cheer block themes intended on encouraging our athletic and co-curricular teams while also honoring specific causes. Friday’s theme of military appreciation was intended to honor our men and women in the services along with collecting donations for Houston disaster relief.

Forthcoming Cheer Block Home Themes:
9/15/17 vs. Northridge (Country Club)
9/29/17 vs. Wawasee (Pink Out)
10/6/17 vs. Northwood (Halloween Costume Night)”