Warsaw Community Schools terminate high school teacher’s contract

Warsaw Community Schools possess clear policies that are designed to safeguard against any action by an employee that either constitutes or could be misconstrued as constituting improper conduct.
Those policies include, a social media/communication policy as well as a professionalism policy that requires any employee to interact appropriately with others, including our students. When Warsaw Community School learns of any violation of these policies, appropriate corrective and disciplinary action will be taken.
On Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, Warsaw Community Schools administrators learned of possible
violations of these policies by a high school teacher, Michael Ratliff. An immediate investigation ensued and all appropriate authorities alerted. During the investigative process, the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave as required by Indiana law. As is standard procedure, the teacher was prohibited from being on school grounds or interacting with any students during the investigation.
While the investigation undertaken by law enforcement concluded that the teacher would not be criminally charged, the violations of applicable policies were of sufficient number and
magnitude that Warsaw Community Schools determined it was in the best interests of its
students and all others concerned that the teacher’s employment at Warsaw Community High School should end.
Upon recommendation from Warsaw Community Schools Administration, the School Board of Trustees voted to cancel Michael “Mickey” Ratliff’s teaching contract at its Dec. 15, 2016
regular meeting.