Warsaw Council Passes Snow Amendment

City of Warsaw Common Council Tuesday night approved an amendment to the snow ordinance on second reading, acknowledged conflict-of-interest disclosures and reviewed the Comcast franchise fee report.
On the snow ordinance, Mayor Joe Thallemer told the council, “I think you’ll remember from last month’s meeting, this was somewhat of a clean-up from the snow ordinance that was amended last meeting. And we did vote on this, but I thought we should take a couple of weeks and give a second reading.”
The ordinance provides for civil penalties for driving through snow placed for removal. First offense is $50, and the penalty for second and subsequent violations is $100.
Councilman Ron Shoemaker said he heard no comments about the ordinance.
Thallemer said the council has seen the ordinance for “three or four” meetings in a row.
The council approved it unanimously on second reading.
The Comcast franchise fee report states that Comcast’s total revenue category from October to December 2015 from city residents was $453,173.01. The city receives a 3 percent franchise fee, for a total of $13,595.26 for the quarter.
“This is their quarterly distribution to us,” Thallemer said.
Clerk-Treasurer Lynne Christiansen said it’s up a couple hundred dollars from the same time period as the prior year.
Thallemer asked Christiansen if the money goes into the general fund, and she responded that it did.
“We have to report that to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission every year of what we receive in franchise fees,” she said.
Also reviewed and approved by the council were the conflict-of-interest disclosures for Becky Anglin, Aaron Bolinger, Brent Fifer, Michael Klondaris, Fred Parrett, Thallemer, Joshua Salsgiver, Michael Brubaker, Michael Wilson, Nate Iden and Rob Barker. Klondaris, the council president, abstained from voting on the disclosures.
Finally, Thallemer told the council he was moving the April 4 council meeting from 7 to 5 p.m.